Speakers 2019


Figure 1, Toronto

Senior Director of Brand

Figure 1, Toronto (Canada)

Benjamin Errett is the Senior Director of Brand at Figure 1, the global knowledge-sharing platform for healthcare. According to Wired, the compagny “has the potential to become global health’s central nervous system—improving diagnostics, care, and treatment for non-users everywhere.” Benjamin Erret has led the community, communications, and growth teams at the company and overseen expansion around the world. He developed the acclaimed podcast DDx: A Podcast About How Doctors Think and is the author of three books.

Sword Health, Porto

COO et General Manager

Sword Health, Porto (Portugal)

As a supplier of disruptive and cutting-edge technology in the physiotherapy industry, SWORD Health is developing its solution worldwide. Andre Eiras dos Santos is responsible for strategy, operations and growth management for SWORD Health in the EMEA & APAC region. Passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation and healthcare, André first obtained his master’s degree in biomedical engineering and became a specialist in medical electronics at the University of Coimbra (Portugal).  Since then, he has already founded two start-ups, obtained an MBA and joined SWORD Health.

HES-SO Valais/Wallis, Sierre

Professor at the Institute of Information Systems

HES-SO Valais/Wallis, Sierre (Switzerland)

Professor at the Institute of Information Systems (HES-SO Valais-Wallis) since 2007, Michael Ignaz Schumacher leads the Health Technology Innovation Center (HTIC) and the Applied Intelligent Agents Lab (AISLab). He has been involved in many national and international applied projects in the areas of points-of-care diagnostics, diabetes monitoring with mHealth applications (gestational diabetes, diabetes type 1 and 2), decision support for general practitioners, semantic interoperability, blockchain technology in healthcare, and the usage of chatbots for prevention programs.

ObeeOne, Sion

CEO &co-founder

ObeeOne, Sion (Switzerland)

The start-up ObeeOne, led by Roland Savioz, is implementing innovative public health programs: overweight, sedentary, smoking cessation. Roland Savioz is the designer of the “I Quit Smoking” program, which has increased the number of participants in a smoking cessation program by a factor of 100. Currently, a “Weight Loss” program is followed by a test group of 700 people. Specialist in social media and new digital technologies, Roland Savioz designs and deploys mass interventions via social networks, combining the power of new technologies and artificial intelligence in public health operations.

Ofac, Geneva

Marketing & Sales Director

Ofac, Geneva (Switzerland)

Giovanni Jörger has been leading a team of sales consultants at Ofac, the professional cooperative of Swiss pharmacists, for more than 20 years. Mainly focused on invoicing services, with nearly 15 million invoices issued, under its dynamism, Ofac now offers a wide range of solutions enabling pharmacists to improve their efficiency and profitability. As the market leader in computer systems for pharmacies and drugstores, the cooperative’s innovative spirit has enabled it to anticipate the considerable changes that have taken place in the profession of pharmacist.

CHUV, Lausanne

Head of Geriatrics and Geriatric Rehabilitation Service

CHUV, Lausanne (Switzerland)

After studying medicine in Lausanne and an FMH in internal medicine, Prof. Christophe Büla specialized in geriatrics in Los Angeles. At the end of 2000, when he returned to the CHUV, he obtained an FMH in geriatrics. He then became head of the Geriatric Rehabilitation and Geriatric Geriatric Service. Strongly involved in the teaching of geriatrics, Christophe Büla is also very involved in the development of this specialty at the national and international level.

Google, Zürich

Product Lead on the Google Assistant

Google, Zürich (Switzerland)

For more than eleven years, Yariv Adan has been product manager and head of Google Zürich‘s product teams. A true innovator, he currently leads the Zürich product team working on Google Assistant ! Their objective: to develop speech recognition, image processing and contextual intelligence to create powerful, intuitive and highly attractive services. Previously, he worked on a wide range of products, including Google’s proprietary infrastructure, privacy and security, products designed for emerging markets and YouTube ads.

Soignez-moi.ch, Vevey


Soignez-moi.ch, Vevey (Switzerland)

A graduate of EPFL, followed by a Master’s degree in Carnegie Mellon (Pittsburgh, PA) and a PhD in Communication Systems at EPFL, Romain Boichat was the first Dean of the College of Technology Management at EPFL. In order to complete his training in economics, Romain completed an MBA at IMD. Then appointed Head of the Automobile and Navigation Department of the Canton of Vaud, he made a complete change in the department and internal processes. Romain cofounded Corpus Health in 2016 with the objective of developing innovative health projects including Soignez-Moi.ch.

DomoSafety, Lausanne

COO & co-founder

DomoSafety, Lausanne (Switzerland)

With more than 15 years of experience in the international development of multinational companies and start-ups, Guillaume DuPasquier is COO and co-founder of DomoSafety. The Lausanne-based start-up is at the forefront of innovation in the field of monitoring and decision-making support for the care of the elderly.  Its solutions integrate artificial intelligence, medical devices and wireless IoT to provide safety and quality of care for the elderly and quality of work and productivity for caregivers.

Swiss Society of Gerontology, Bern


Swiss Society of Gerontology, Bern (Switzerland)

Delphine Roulet Schwab is a PhD in psychology and an ordinary professor at the Institut et HES de La Source in Lausanne. She is also President of the Swiss Society of Gerontology (SSG-SGG) since 2017, President of alter ego (Association for the Prevention of Elder Abuse) and President of the national platform “Ageing without Violence“. His areas of expertise include gerontology and gerontology. She has participated in major innovation projects such as “Autonomie 2020” on gerontotechnologies and the study “Senior Living Lab: An interdisciplinary project in Western Switzerland“, the result of a collaboration between 4 French-speaking schools (La Source, HEIG-VD, ECAL, HEIA-FR and ECAL).

CMS of the Sierre region


CMS of the Sierre region (Switzerland)
With his beginnings as a social worker at the CMS in the Sierre region, Dominique Germann has returned to his roots. Indeed, since 2004, he has been head of the intermunicipal association which covers a population of around 50,000 inhabitants and has 390 employees. Dominique Germann is a member of numerous regional and cantonal commissions in the field of gerontology and is also co-founder and member of the Gerontechnology Working Group of the Swiss Society of Gerontology. In 2017, he became a member of the Directors board of the Health Observatory.

Pillo Health, Boston

Co-founder and COO

Pillo Health, Boston (US)

James Wyman is responsible for global finance & operations at Pillo Health – an in-home digital care management company.  Prior to Pillo Health, James spent 7 years in the financial and technology industries. He began his career at Morgan Stanley, working for the firm in both London and New York. In 2011 he was part of the founding team of Morgan Stanley’s “Private Capital Markets” group, which specialized in raising equity and equity-linked capital for private companies in the technology, consumer retail, and healthcare services sectors.

Avatarion, Zürich

General director

Avatarion, Zürich (Switzerland)

With solid experience in the consumer goods sector and mainly in technology markets for corporate customers, Thierry Perronnet has held various management positions in sales and marketing in Europe and North America.  He was Executive Vice President at Leclanché (litium batteries) and Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Eastman Kodak, for the EMEA region. Currently, he is the Managing Director of Avatarion, the leader in humanoid robotics in Switzerland. Its solutions, such as Avatarkids, to help children during their long hospital stay, are exported worldwide.

Baby & Kids Care, Vevey

CEO and founder

Baby & Kids Care, Vevey (Switzerland)

Maddalena di Meo, a nurse by training, has an extraordinary career. Since 2011, she has been managing FirstMed, a company that offers first aid courses to the general public. Named Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016, she also created her start-up Baby & Kids Care to offer the general public applications for medical emergencies (telemedicine). A visionary who would like everyone to know what it takes to save lives.

HUG, Geneva

R&D Working group leader: Human-machine interaction and sensors

Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, Geneva (Switzerland)

With a PhD in computer science, Frédéric is interested in using digital technologies to improve the patient experience in the healthcare system. He is currently responsible for coordinating the development of future tools for breast cancer patients at the University Hospitals of Geneva.  An advocate of a user-centred approach and a fan of the use of innovative technologies, Frédéric has developed several products that have changed the way patients relate to the healthcare system, such as InfoKids.

HES-SO Valais/Wallis,
Leukerbad (Switzerland)


HES-SO Valais/Wallis, Leukerbad (Switzerland)

Since 2005, Anne-Gabrielle Mittaz Hager has been a professor in the physiotherapy program in Leukerbad. Her research activities focus on physical activity, quality of life and the elderly. Since 2016, she has been leading the interdisciplinary Swiss CHEF Trial research project for the prevention of falls in the elderly. This project has twice won a prize from the Leenaards Foundation. She is also involved in the AAL “Stay-Fit-Longer” project currently underway in Switzerland, Canada and Belgium.

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