Henning Müller

Professor HES-SO Valais/Wallis & head of eHealth Unit

Henning Müller studied medical informatics at the University of Heidelberg (Germany), then worked at Daimler-Benz research in Portland (USA). From 1998-2002 he worked on his PhD degree in computer vision at the University of Geneva with a researcstay at Monash University in Melbourne (Australia). Since 2002, Henning has been working for the medical informatics service at the University Hospitals of Geneva where he was named titular professor in 2014 

Since 2007, he has been a full professor in business informatics at the HES-SO Valais/Wallis in Sierre and has been responsible for the eHealth unit since 2011Henning was coordinator of the Khresmoi EU project, scientific coordinator of the VISCERAL EU project, and initiator of the ImageCLEF benchmark that has run medical tasks every year since 2004. Currently, he is coordinator of the ExaMode EU project and a member of the Swiss National Research CouncilHe has authored over 600 scientific papers with more than 15,000 citations and is in the editorial board of several journals.  

For 2015-2016, Henning was a visiting professor at the Martinos Center, part of Harvard Medical School in Boston (USA) to focus on research activities.